Industrial LBP Citizen CL-S700

High Speed, High Resolution, Heavy Duty Printing

Our CL-S700 series is designed for ease of use; the metal mechanism opens vertically to a full 90° to allow for easy ribbon access, while integrated ribbon control and positioning support precision printing on even small or specialist media. The CL-S700 also comes with the option to print in both direct thermal and thermal transfer modes.

  • Capacity for ribbons up to 450 metres
  • Optional rewinder (CL-S700R) and peeler


  • Hi-Lift mechanism for easy ribbon and media loading
  • Hi-Open case for vertical opening, with no increase in footprint and safe closing
  • Cross-Emulation: Zebra and Datamax languages standard
  • Backlit LCD control panel for easy configuration
  • All inclusive front access facilitate easy media ribbon changing
  • Power switch located in recess at front of the paper
  • Adjustable media sensor as atandard with label gap and black mark sensing
  • Ingenious front-loading rewinder for peeling or batch mode
  • Optional internal Ethernet card
  • Optional 2 types of cutters and peeler avaialble

Space-saving design concept

The Hi-Open case lifts up vertically meaning that the printer’s footprint does not change as the cover is opened, making it deal for tight spaces.
The Hi-Lift mechanism makes loading labels and ribbons effortless thanks to the wide-opening design of the printer.

Front loading rewinder

The clever and unique CL-S700R includes an internal rewinder that is effortless to use. The front door drops down and the liner or labels are loaded automatically.

Easy configuration

The large graphic LCD gives a clear indication of pritner status and enables easy printer configuration.

“ARCP” installed

“ARCP” stands for “Active Ribon Control & Positioning”. ARCP automatically balances the tension to provide better print quality while avoiding ribbon wrinkles.

300 dpi resolution

The CL-S703 is idea for not only small labels with 2D matrix Databar, QR-code and PDF417 but also for printing company logo, CE and WEEE logos.


  • Logistic / Transport
  • Courier
  • Retail
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing


Printing methodThermal transfer / Direct thermal
Resolution (approx)203 dpi (8 dots/mm)300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm)
Print speed (max.)254mm/sec.200mm/sec.
Print width (max.)104mm105mm
Print modeBatch modeNormal printing (Single or multiple sheets)
Teaf off modeFeeds back media to the tear-off position after printing is completed.
Cut mode (*1)Prints while cutting at designaetd sheet units.
The following two kinds of cut mode operations are avaialble.
(1) Backfeed
(2) Cut through
Peel mode (*1)Peels labels from the liners after printing them
MediaMedia typeRoll, fanfold
(Continuous media, die-cuts, continuous tags, paper or tickets)
Type of mediaThermal-transfer media
Recommended mediaThermal transfer: Label media (RPR-W Ricoh)
Direct thermal: Label media (150LA-1 Ricoh), Tag media (TB2E0V Mitsubishi Paper)
Media width25.4 - 118.0mm (min. to max.)
Media length6.35 - 812.8mm (min. to max.)
Media thickness0.0635 - 0.254mm (min. to max.)
Label width7.62mm (min.)
Label pitch (*2)6.35mm (min.)
Roll media diameterExternal diameter: 203mm (max.)
Media core: 38 - 76mm
RibbonRecommended ribbonB110A Ricoh
Ribbon sizeMax. ribbon roll diameter: 86.5mm
Max. ribbon length: 450m
Inner diameter of roll care: 25.4±0.25mm
Ribbon systemARCP™ automatic ribbon tension adjustment
BarcodeOne-dimensionCode 3 of 9, UPC-A/E, EAN-13 (JAN-13), EAN-8 (JAN-8), Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 128, HIBC (Modulus 43-used code 3 of 9), Codebar (NW-7), Int 2 of 5 (Modulus 10-used Interleaved 2 of 5), Plessey, Case Code, UPC 2DIG ADD, UPC 5DIG ADD, Code 93, Telepen, ZIP, UCC/EAN128, UCC/EAN128 (for K-MART), UCC/EAN128 Random Weight, FIM
emulation)Two-dimensionUPC Maxi Code, PDF-417, Data Matrix, QR Code, Aztec, RSS
Barcode (Zebra® emulation)One-dimensionCode 11, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, EAN-8, UPC-E, Code 93, Code 128, EAN-13, Industrial 2 of 5, Standard 2 of 5, ANSI CODABAR, LOGMARS, MSI, Plessey, UPC/EAN Extensions, UPC-A, POSTNET, Planet
Two-dimensionCode 49, PDF-417, CODE BLOCK, UPS Maxi Code, Micro PDF-417, Data Matrix, QR Code, RSS, TLC39
Font1. Seven kinds of fixexd pitch font
(Datamax® emulation)2. OCR fonts (OCR-A, OCR-B) (*3)
3. Proportional fonts
4. True type™ rasterizer
Font1. Five kinds of fixexd pitch font
(Zebra® emulation)2. OCR fonts (OCR-A, OCR-B) (*3)
3. Proportional fonts
4. True type™ rasterizer (*4)
Emulations (Languages)Datamax® and Zebra® (Auto sensing emulation)
Media sensorTransparent sensor, Reflective sensor, Label peeling sensor (*1)
Standard interfacesParallel (IEEE-1284), Serial (RS-232C), USB (version 1.1)
Optional interfaceEthernet, Wireless LAN
Control panel4-line back-lit LCD and 4 buttons
ROMFlash ROM 4MB (User area: 1MB)
RAMDatamax® emulationSDRAM 16MB(User area: 1MB)
Zebra® emulationSDRAM 16MB(User area: 4MB)
Power100-240V (-10%/+6%), 1.5-3.5A, 50/60Hz
Temperature andOperatingTemperature: 0 to 40 °C
humidityHumidity: 30 to 80% (no condensation)
StorageTemperature: -20 to 60 °C
Humidity: 5 to 85% (no condensation)
External dimension (W×D×H)255 × 490 × 265mm254 × 480 × 375mm255 × 490 × 265mm
Weight (approx.)13.3 kg17.6 kg13.3 kg