Handheld Cordless Scanner Cino Fuzzy Scan F-680 BT

Durable, Long Range Cordless Image Scanner

The FuzzyScan F680BT series Cordless Image Scanner is a member of FuzzyScan wireless family. Powered by the combination of cutting-edge FuzzyScan 3.0 Imaging Technology and Bluetooth® v4.0 wireless technology, it not only provides outstanding reading performance, but also delivers the convenience and freedom of mobility. The F680BT series Cordless Image Scanner is the most cost-effective “cable replacement” solution for retail and commercial applications to improve your productivity.



  • Durable construction to withstand multiple drops to concrete from 1.8 meter
  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology with more than 100m communication coverage/EAN symbols
  • Plug-and-play cordless migration by working with smart cradle
  • Support multiple connections up to 7 scanners in PICO mode
Performance Characteristics 
Optical SystemHigh performance Linear Imaging Engine
Print Contrast15% minimum reflective difference
Minimum ResolutionTypical 3 mil (code 39, PCS 0.9)
Working DistanceUp to 19 inches on 100% UPC/EAN symbols
Up to 27 inches on 20 mil Code 39
Light Source630nm visible red LED
Scan RateDynamic scanning rate up to 500 scans per second
Reading DirectionBi-directional (forward and backward)
Pitch/Skew/Tilt± 65°/ ± 65°/ ± 55°
Operating ModesTrigger, Presentation
Configuration SetupBar code command
Windows utility - FuzzyScan PowerTool
Data EditingCondensed DataWizard via bar code command 
Full-feature DataWizard via FuzzyScan PowerTool
User InterfacesBlue link indicator and 2-color status indicator
Programmable beeper
Optional vibrator
Supported Symbologies
1D LinearCode 39, Code 39 Full ASCII, Code 32, Code 39 Trioptic
Code 128, GS1 128, Codabar, Code 11, Code 93
Standard & Industrial 2 of 5, Interleaved & Matrix 2 of 5
German Postal Code, China Postal Code, IATA
UPC/EAN/JAN, UPC/EAN/JAN with Addendum
Telepen, MSI/Plessey & UK/Plessey
GS1 DataBar (formly RSS) Linear & Linear Stacked
Linear-stackedPDF417, Micro PDF417, Codablock F, Composite (available for F688BT only)